7 EGG-citing Egg Facts Every Home Cook Oughta Know

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~ Eggs seem so simple, but you might be surprised how much you don’t know about them! Eggs have returned from the nutritional netherworld of the 1980s cholesterol scare, bursting back on the scene with renewed popularity. From egg cooking tips, to egg nutrition … and beyond … here are some fun egg … Continue reading

Healthy Eating on a Budget (Our First Podcast!)

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What are two things that always get a leeeeeeettle challenging during the holiday season? Uh-huh. You know where we’re going … 1) Healthy eating (hello, over-indulging at holiday parties!) … and … 2) Keeping your budget on track (because the kiddos just have to have that crazy-expensive-brand-new-coolest-toy-ever-that-costs-more-than-the-mortgage!!!). Well, we’re thrilled to … Continue reading

Beyond Green Smoothies: Take the Spinach Challenge

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~ Spinach is a great way to amp up nutrition for the entire family! We’re taking you way, way beyond the ever-popular green smoothie! Here are easy ideas for adding this versatile superfood into the meals you’re already making! ~ Green smoothies are all the rage on blogs and Pinterest – … Continue reading

25 Tips for Picky Eaters – Part 3: It’s All About the Marketing

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We’re armed with a master’s degree in nutrition, hundreds of hours of culinary classes, and oodles of research on parenting picky eaters. But do you know where we put all that knowledge to the test? In our own kitchens, at our own tables, with our own kids. We’re right in … Continue reading