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Are all of your recipes created by the two of you in your two healthy kitchens?

Many of our recipes are family favorites we’ve been using for years. But, we also love to experiment and try new things. Sometimes, though, our ideas are inspired by another blog or cookbook. When that’s the case, we will gladly provide attribution and a linkback to the original source when we can. We realize there are only so many ingredients, and only so many ways to combine them. So, you very well may see other recipes “out there” that are somehow similar to ours – that’s unavoidable. But, rest assured that we will always give credit where it’s due, and provide appropriate attribution for recipes inspired by and adapted from other sources.


Can you feature one of my recipes or healthy tips on your blog?

We love trying new recipes! Please feel free to e-mail us at info@twohealthykitchens.com with your favorite recipe or healthy eating tip. If we love it as much as you do, we may just feature you and your idea on our site!


Why don’t you provide calories and nutrition facts for your recipes?

That is a really, really good question! It’s a discussion that we continually have between us, and the short answer is that we are still considering the pros and cons of providing nutrition information. Certainly, with her degree in nutrition, Gretchen can do those computations, and there are also great, free online programs that handle can handle it, too. So, what’s the problem, you ask? Well, there are several issues, but the primary one is that we have hesitated to specify exact brands and there are just too many variables. The variations between brands can have a huge impact on the final nutrition profile of a recipe. For example, if we write a recipe that suggests that you use a jar of your favorite pasta sauce – well, there can be tremendous differences in sodium, sugar and even fat, depending upon which brand you prefer. So, yes – we may still decide to add nutrition info in the future. Until then, though, we suggest that any time you are curious about the nutritional profile of a recipe (ours or someone else’s), you try some of those online tools we mentioned. Actually, we’d love your feedback on how well they work for you! Some to consider can be found at: http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-calculator.asp orhttp://www.myfitnesspal.com/recipe/calculator orhttp://nutritiondata.self.com/mynd/myrecipes/welcome?returnto=/mynd/myrecipes.


Do you accept products and books for review?

Well, sometimes. We adore cookbooks and always enjoy trying out new kitchen gadgets and specialty products, but, as you can imagine, we only have room in our hearts and our homes for the very best. And, we’d only want to recommend the very best to our readers. If you have something you’d like us to consider, contact us at info@twohealthykitchens.com. If we like your proposal, we’ll tell you how to forward your product to us for consideration.


It seems like you guys are always having so much fun. C’mon – don’t you get sick of each other?

Nope! Never!


Are you available for speaking engagements, cooking demonstrations, or to give some personal advice on my family’s meals?

We sure are! Contact us at info@twohealthykitchens.com.


Where did you get your awesome logo? It rocks!

We’d like to thank our wonderful, patient graphics guru Kevin Swinderman for being our hero. Kevin – we couldn’t possibly make enough snack bites and muffins to tell you how much we appreciate you, but we’re trying!

Fork and Spoon graphic purchased from iclipart.com.


Where do you get your fabulous photos?

Except as specified, all of our photography is our own and is property of Two Healthy Kitchens.


Terms of Use Policy

We love eating healthfully and sharing healthy recipes with others! Of course! After all, that’s why we started our blog!

We hope that you’ll love our recipes as much as we do, and that you’ll want to share them with others, as well.

Please just remember that we spend untold hours developing our recipes, researching information, writing and editing our posts, and then staging, shooting and editing our photos. They’re precious to us, and they’re protected by copyright law. Even sharing our work on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, without attributing back or linking back to us means that you’re not honoring our work and its protections. (Of course, sharing our Two Healthy Kitchens recipes on social media with a direct link back to us is beyond fantastic, and we absolutely welcome and encourage you to do that … A LOT!)

We hope that you’ll be respectful of our hard work and its copyright protections, and we kindly ask that:

- You don’t ever use our photos or recipes without attribution, nor in a way that diverts traffic from our blog.
- You never reprint one of our photos and the accompanying recipe together.
- If you’d like to repost our recipe, please give us full attribution in both the post text as well as at the recipe card. We also ask that you take your own photos and write your own method in your own words.

We welcome you to select a single photo from one of our posts and use it on your own blog, with prominently displayed, full credit to us and a link back to Two Healthy Kitchens for the complete recipe. We do, however, reserve the right to ask you to remove our photo from your site if we feel that it is being used in an inappropriate manner.

If you’re not sure or have questions, please just ask us! We’re excited to work through any questions you may have so that we can all enjoy delicious, healthy food and great recipes!


Comments Policy

Our goal is to make our comments section fun and enlightening for everyone, so we ask that all comments be helpful and respectful. Remember – we’re moms, and this is a family-friendly adventure! Negative or derogatory comments aren’t tolerated in our homes – or on our blog! If we wouldn’t let our kids read your comment, it likely doesn’t belong here, so please phrase your comments and feedback accordingly. We’re glad you’re joining us on our delicious adventure!