The Adventure

On days when you and your family are racing in 15 different directions at once, does it seem nearly impossible to find really quick and healthy meals or snacks that actually taste good? If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place!

That’s why we started this blog.

We wanted to simplify our own families’ mealtimes while providing delicious, super-nutritious foods to get us all through our busy days! And, we’re excited to share our ideas – from our families to yours!

We know you are all just as busy (if not busier!) than we are. But not to worry – we’ve got the solution: wonderful recipes (taste-tested by both of our families!) that are truly quick, palette-pleasing, and really good for you all at the same time! Who knew?

Here’s what we believe in:

–   Delicious!  First of all, the food you serve should taste really good – a source of joy for you and your family. Simple, right?

–   Fast!  Even if you adore cooking, you likely don’t have all day to craft a restaurant-worthy six-course meal. We sure wish we did, but the reality is there’s dance, soccer, PTO, little league, etc. Know what we mean? It’s gotta be fast – or it’s not gonna happen!

–   Powerful!  We should provide our families with food that will actually fuel them through their active days, not bog them down. We’re talking real food packed with nutrients! We love to use WHOLE ingredients (flour, eggs, milk, nuts, fruit, and yes, sometimes even a little butter) rather than constantly buying ‘convenience’ foods that have 40 ingredients we can’t pronounce … or are one molecule away from being plastic. Let’s make every meal count!

Hmmm … delicious food that’s also quick, and healthy? Really?

Yep – we can do that!

And you can, too!

Imagine this … you prepare a fabulous meal for your family – a meal that everyone loves. They might not even know it’s healthy … but it is (tee-hee!). Who is the hero here? That’s right, it’s you! Give yourself a high five. Do the victory dance. You’ve earned it!


In the Beginning


We met each other the way most parents meet friends – through our kids! Gretchen was the new mommy at the 3rd grade back-to-school night, having just moved with her family to Shelley’s town.

After a quick introduction and some “nice-to-meet-you” small talk, we soon became fast friends … and haven’t looked back since! We share lots of common interests, our families love hanging out together, and we have tons of fun every time we’re together!

Perhaps most of all, we really enjoy swapping recipes and food ideas, as well as finding ways to make good recipes better – and more nutritious.

We want to welcome you right into the kitchen with us – as though you’re here sharing a good laugh and a cup of coffee while we prepare a fabulous snack all of our families will love!

Now sit back and relax (if you have that kind of time!), and let us figure out what’s on the menu!

Thanks for joining us on this adventure – we hope you are having as much fun as we are! IMG_3479


About Gretchen


As a freshman Speech Pathology major, I signed up for Intro to Nutrition (I needed something to fill the schedule!), and I was hooked! I had always been interested in nutrition, but now I wanted to make it my life. I now have a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and a Master of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics.

Since we’re all being honest here, I have to admit that I have never formally practiced or had a career in nutrition. I married my Prince Charming a couple of weeks after graduating with my bachelor’s degree. We had our oldest daughter while I was in grad school and after I graduated we decided it was best for me to stay home with her. Ten years later, I’m still home with my kiddos – and loving every minute!

My love for nutrition hasn’t faded in my 10 years of being a stay-at-home mom. Sure, there were times when I’m pretty sure that both of my kids survived solely on goldfish crackers, and when we got married my husband only ate meat and potatoes (and nothing green!) … but we’ve moved on and really expanded our palettes!

My love of baking (and cooking too, I guess) got much stronger when my mom passed away in 2010. She was a home-ec teacher who touched the lives of hundreds of students during her career. To me, she was ‘Mom’ and my best friend – who also happened to be an amazing baker and incredible hostess. Baking, especially, makes me feel close to her. There is something about making delicious food out of a pile of whole ingredients that is very cathartic and healing – and emotional, too.

Food can really bring people together – and lasting memories are often made around the table. I look forward to helping you create these special moments for your family, too!


About Shelley


Anyone who knows me well can tell you that at the top of my list of favorite pastimes are eating, talking about eating, and planning what to eat next. Not surprisingly, then, I also love cooking, baking, and just generally playing in the kitchen.

But, I figure that it’s relatively easy to make delicious food if you have unlimited time, or are willing to use unlimited amounts of unhealthy ingredients. Where’s the challenge and adventure in that?

For me, the real excitement comes in figuring out how to make food that is wonderful not only because it tastes fabulous, but also because it’s nourishing and energizing … and then figuring out how to make that wonderful food FAST.

After leaving the business world and my career as a Communications Director, I now am a stay-at-home mom with two fantastic but very busy kids. We need quality fuel, but we want it to taste great, and it surely has to be fast.

I’ve spent years reading literally thousands of recipes and experimenting with all sorts of ways to improve them. I’ve also attended and helped with more than 200 hours of cooking classes to hone my skills. I’ve learned a tremendous amount, and I’m thrilled that every day I get to learn more.

And that’s what I want to share with you – a passion for making scrumptious, family-pleasing food that is healthy and completely do-able in the midst of a hectic schedule. I know it’s possible, and I want to show you how!